AMS Neve Launches Initiative to Support the Next Generation of Young Audio Professionals

AMS Neve has established partnerships with five Universities and institutions in an effort to help inspire the next generation of musicians, engineers and music producers.

The partnership will involve masterclasses from top designers at AMS Neve, invitations to visit the factory in Burnley, exclusive student offers and competitions as well as gifts of equipment to each of the campuses. In all around 2,000 students stand to benefit at dBs Music (Plymouth and Bristol), SSR (Manchester and London), LIPA (Liverpool), the University of Surrey and The London College of Music (University of West London).

The move has been welcomed by British record producer Steve Levine, former chairman of the Music Producers Guild. He said: “I have my own 30-year relationship with AMS and it is very important that the manufacturers of our tools of the trade engage with the next generation of sound engineers and producers. This will enable the students to benefit and enjoy the rapidly-changing technology and also to understand the history and legacy of recording”.

One man who’s already broken through is engineer Ben Baptie (pictured above with the VR at Strongroom Studios), a graduate of West London University. Ben began working at Metropolis Studios while finishing his degree and went on to spend nearly three years at the legendary Electric Lady Studios in New York as a mix assistant to GRAMMY award winning producer, . He now divides his time between London and New York and has mixed tracks for many of the biggest names in music, including U2, Mark Ronson, James Morrison and Albert Hammond Jr. He welcomes the new partnerships and is a huge fan of AMS Neve’s kit.

He said: “I try not to get too much into the technicalities and focus more on the feeling and the vibe of the song. But the Neve equipment helps so much. Just the versatility and quality that is provided across the whole range they have, whether it be a compressor, EQ, mic pre or desk. I just always know that it will deliver. It’s great having that security so you know you can keep working fast”.

Forty years ago, AMS founder Mark Crabtree demonstrated a revolutionary tape phase simulator to Paul McCartney, who subsequently became the young company’s first customer. AMS went on to become AMS Neve, of which Mark is owner and managing director. Sir Paul’s vision of creating a centre for performing arts in his former school building was a factor in Mark Crabtree’s decision to forge stronger links with aspiring musicians, producers and engineers.

Crabtree explained: “As a private, dedicated engineering company working in collaboration with the world’s best talent over many decades, we have played our part in countless legendary recordings on our equipment – designed and made in the UK. Taking my cue from Paul McCartney’s drive to found LIPA we now want to help the next generation of British proto-legends to break through to international success, with the help of the best audio tools possible”.

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