New Studio Promises Sound Future for Surrey Students

The University of Surrey School of Arts has created an impressive new audio facility for its BMus Music and Sound Recording (Tonmeister) students with the completion of a full studio redesign and refit to incorporate the installation of an AMS-Neve 88D console.

Planned and executed by the Institute of Sound Recording, the project has improved the acoustics and layout of Studio 3 in the Performing Arts Technology Studio (PATS) building and provides flexible new equipment for high-quality dubbing, mixing, editing and recording.

The new facility will complement the existing PATS studio spaces and equipment, which include two other recording studios, three edit rooms, and an ITU-R BS1116 standard listening room. With both AMS-Neve and SSL desks now in place, Tonmeister students will gain regular and invaluable studio experience using equipment from the two most respected console manufacturers in the world.

Dr Russell Mason, Tonmeister Programme Director, commented: “We wanted a console that was fantastic for music, fantastic for film/TV, and a great DAW (digital audio workstation) controller. The AMS-Neve 88D is perfect for training our students to work in the high-end studios and post-production facilities that they regularly find themselves.”

The new console is also linked to other studios and performance spaces in the custom-built PATS building, increasing the overall flexibility and learning opportunities while allowing the new facility to be used as part of the Institute of Sound Recording’s research programmes in new three-dimensional audio reproduction techniques.

For an in-depth look at the refit project, see the feature article ‘A sound investment’ and the Institute of Sound Recording’s blog.

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