Rui Guerreiro chooses 88RS for Atlantico Blue Studios

Atlantico Blue Studios is a major new, purpose built recording facility based in Oeiras, Portugal. The largest studio in Portugal, its owner took inspiration from it’s surroundings, naming both the facility and all of it’s rooms after Atlantic Seas. And what a stunning facility it is!

Ultra modern, and spacious with high end studio equipment throughout. AMS Neve spoke to Rui Guerreiro, owner of Atlantico Blue Studios, about the new addition to the studio – a 48-channel Neve 88RS.

“We have a Neve 48-channel 88RS console and it sounds amazing, I am in love with the preamps and when I mix, I love the warm sound, and all the facilities the console provides me with. I have recorded many orchestras, jazz bands, movie scores etc. and I feel the magic each and every time with this console.”

“The console was a very personal choice. I have already worked in many studios around the world and I knew the brand. It was very easy to choose when the time came. The sound is definitely the best to me, and the one which better suits me. It had to be the 88RS because the sound quality compares with no other analogue console on the market. It also gives me a large number of possibilities for the different types of projects, from broadcast to surround mix. It is a huge pleasure to work on this console, and I hugely respect the history that is behind the Neve 88RS.”

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