SOS Readers Vote 1073 Best Mic Pre 2014

The legendary Neve 1073 microphone preamp adds yet another award to its ever-growing collection – voted the winner in the category of Best Mic Preamplifier 2014 by the worldwide readers of Sound On Sound magazine for the second year running.

The Neve 1073 is sheer class. Quality both in build and in performance. No other microphone preamp comes anywhere near the unbelievable achievements it has reached. Now available in several formats; the original hand-built 1073 Classic mic pre & EQ module, the versatile 1073DPA and1073DPD dual mic preamp units, the 1073LB – the award-winning and best-selling 500-series mic preamp for the last 2 years and the all-new 1073N standalone mic preamp & EQ module, the best microphone preamp is available in every application and delivers the ultimate in recording quality. The 1073 is so good, we even use it as the microphone preamp in the Neve Genesys console to achieve the highest quality recordings of any modern console.

Thanks once again to the readers of Sound On Sound magazine for taking their time to vote and proving beyond any doubt that the Neve 1073 microphone preamp is simply the best available.

Neve – no question.

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